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2024 Pacific Southwest Directory (contact office at (916) 441-2272)

Additional Resources

Dairy Cattle Supply Lien Packet

  • Contact CGFA to request a copy of the complete packet.
  • Cover Letter
  • Table of Contents
  • Appendix A. Memo
  • Appendix B. Perfection and Enforcement Checklist
  • Appendix C. Lien Perfection and Enforcement Information Sheet
  • Appendix D. Notice of Claim of Lien
  • Appendix E. Sample Copy of UCC Financing Statement
  • Appendix F. Notice to Make Payment
  • Appendix G. Sample Copy of UCC Termination Statement
  • Appendix H. Dairy Cattle Supply Lien Law California Food & Agriculture Code 57401 et. seq

Environmental and Safety Services

  • Click here to download the Annual Service Application for Stormwater Program.
Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - 2023

2023 Grain & Feed Industry Conference

Technical Session:

What’s New in Technology Session:

Mill Maintenance Program:

Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - 2022

Grant Opportunities Workshop on October 6, 2022

2022 California Animal Nutrition Conference

2022 Annual Convention

2022 Grain & Feed Industry Conference

Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - 2020

2020 Grain & Feed Industry Conference

Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - 2019

2019 Annual Convention

2019 Grain & Feed Industry Conference

Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - 2018

2018 Grain & Feed Industry Conference

  • Labor Law Issues and Compliance by: Adrian Hoppes, Holden Law Group
  • FSMA, Past, Present and Future by: Matt Frederking / Presented by: Geoff Holland
  • CDFA Safe Program, FSMA and VFD’s. by: Jenna Areias and Samanta Moran-Defty, CDFA
  • Safety – Managing Injury Risk at Grain Handling Facilities by: Matt Shurtliff, J.D. Heiskell & Co.
  • Safety Panel by: Arturo Trejo, Foster Farms; Charles Davenport, Associated Feed & Supply and Matt Shurtliff, J.D. Heiskell & Co.
  • Solutions to Common Grinding Problems by: Ryan Dietzenbach, CPM
  • Optimizing Your Plant’s Weighing Equipment by: Rory Ward, Quality Scales Unlimited
  • Careers and Internship Program by: Rhonda Mercadal-Evans from California State University, Monterey
  • Pest Control Organic vs. Non Organic by: Mike Altomore from Agrecom Inc.
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal by: Denise Holmes from Foster Farms
  • Communicating – Why Is This So Hard? by: Marty Jakosa, Human Resource Manager/Certified Professional Coach  *Little Paul Story
Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - 2017

2017 CGFA Annual Convention Business Session Power Points

2017 Grain & Feed Industry Conference

  • ​​Life Cycle Assessment of the Feed Supply Chain for a California Feedlot by: Samantha Werth, UC Davis
  • The Challenge of Recruiting into Ag Careers by: Shannon Douglass, CalAG Jobs
  • Leadership: Some Things to Consider by: Marty Jakosa, Certified Professional Coach
  • GMO Labeling and The Impact on the Feed Industry Update by: Alison Van Eenennaam, PhD., UC Davis
  • Use Your Personality Type to Empower Your Safety Program by: Randy Hultgren, Foster Farms
  • Preparing to Modernize Your Feed Mill Automation and Control Systems by: Jason Hunt, Factory Technologies Inc.
  • Feed Plant Efficiency: Steam Plant by: Rob Schmitz, RF MacDonald Co.
  • Boiler Room 101 by: Brian Dolan, RF MacDonald Co.
  • Retention Time of Grain in the Steam Chest by: Peter Greuel, Ph.D., SarTec Corp.  and Jim Grossenbach, GMO Livestock Products
  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Update by: Cathryn McCandless, CA Dept. of Food & Ag
  • Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Update by: Jessica Darneille, State Liaison, USDA
  • Ransonware and Other Cyber Crimes by: Dennis D. Guertin, Special Agent Partnership Coordinator, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Managing Millennials by: Marty Jakosa, Certified Professional Coach
Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - 2016

2016 Annual Convention Business Session Power Points

2016 Grain & Feed Industry Conference

  • Keynote: The Food Morality Movement: Kevin Murphy, Food-Chain Communications (
  • Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Overview & Update
    • Bruce Hoffman, DVM, Elanco Animal Health  (click here)
    • Kaylen Henry, GlobalVetLINK, LC (click here)
  • Nutritionist Perspective on Ingredients: Peter Karnezos, Ph.D., PMI Nutritional Additives
  • Employee Training Video Series:
  • Cal/OSHA Enforcement Branch Update:  Jon Weiss, District Manager, Cal/OSHA  (click here)
  • 7 Steps for Successful Hazardous Monitoring:  Brian Knapp, 4B Components Ltd. (click here)
  • Air Compressors:   Steve Arshop, Kaeser Compressors (click here)
  • California Labor and Employment Updates: Glen Williams, The Saqui Law Group
  • FDA Presentation on FSMA Final Rule for Animal Food: Jennifer Erickson, Center for Veterinary Medicine (click here)
  • CDFA Feed Inspection Program Update – Jenna Areias, Agriculture Program Supervisor IV (click here)
Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - 2015

2015 Storm Water Workshop Presentations

CGFA 2015 Annual Convention

Past PowerPoint Presentations and Resources - Various

Grain & Feed Industry Past Conferences

  • Top Regulatory Issues Facing the Grain, Feed and Processing Industry in 2014
    (Presented by Jess McCluer, National Grain & Feed Assn.)
  • Forklift Maintenance
    (Presented by: Audie Burgan, JM Equipment Co., Inc.)
  • Food Safety and Modernization Act Update
    (Presented by: Matt Frederking, Ralco Ag Solutions Inc.)
  • Update from CDFA on Model FSMA Plan Developed for the CA Feed Industry
    (Presented by: Jenna Areias, Mike Davidson, Samanta Moran)
  • Railcar: Mover Safety
    (Presented by: Tom Sillers, Pacific West Systems)
  • Locomotive Inspection Process
    (Presented by: Phillip Verstegen, South West Locomotive Repair)
  • Regularly Scheduled Track Inspections
    (Presented by: Peter Schulze, H & H Engineering Const., Inc.)
  • Outsourcing As An Option for Trucking
    (Presented by: Rodney Nye, JB Hunt Transport Inc.)
  • Regulatory Issues Facing the Trucking Industry
    (Presented by: Chris Shimoda, California Trucking Association)
  • Mixers
    (Presented by: Mark Daniel, Evonik Industries)
  • Pellet Conditioning As It Relates to Pellet Quality and Feed Safety
    (Presented by: Greg Alles, Andritz NA)
  • Dealing With The New Boiler Emission Regulation
    (Presented by:Doug Vickery and Brian Dolan, RF MacDonald)
  • Introduction to Key Interlocking And Their Use To Enforce Machine Safety
    (Presented by: Carl Pancutt, Castell Interlocks Inc.)
  • Solar Panel Concept and Options for Customers
    (Presented by: James Gillespy, Pacific Power Renewables)
  • Energy Saving Measures for Feed Mills
    (Presented by: Justin Westmoreland, PE, Alternative Energy Systems Consulting)
  • Interactive Human Relations Workshop
    (Presented by: Marty Jakosa, Human Resource Manager/Certified Professional Coach)
  • 2013 Annual Convention Speaker Presentations
  • Fire Fighting Operations Involving Grain Handling Facilities
    (presented by Larry Phillips)
  • Hazards Associated with Grain Silos
    (presented by Larry Phillips)
  • Feed Food Modernization Act Update
    (presented by Jenna Areias, Mike Davidson, Kevin Clutter)
  • iTRACK Line of Trucking Products
    (presented by David Schneider)
  • On-Board Cameras by DriveCam
    (presented by Julie Stevens)
  • Roll Speed Measurements
    (presented by Scott Anderson)
  • Flow Measurements
    (presented by James Seagraves)
  • Cleaning Grain Silos / Rail Cars
    (presented by Jeff Rampenelli)
  • Labor Laws
    (presented by Michael Saqui)
  • Human Relations
    (presented by Marty Jakosa)
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