CGFA Foundation Scholarship and Internship Assistance Program

Our future depends on tomorrow’s leaders.

The CGFA Foundation was organized to provide support for students pursuing careers in agriculture through 4-year college and university scholarships as well as internship support awards to assist with expenses for those students participating in an internship program in the industry. This is a new Foundation for CGFA and we will continue to work on increasing the funding and support for students pursuing careers in agriculture. Scholarships will be awarded annually based upon academic achievement, career goals, extracurricular activities, determination, leadership skills and a commitment to study agriculture.

Eligibility: Undergraduates in 2nd year of college and higher as well as graduate students are eligible. Funds will be made available to full-time students enrolling in 4-year colleges or universities offering agriculture curriculum and will be sent directly to the financial aid office at the college/university for the Fall semester of 2025.

Criteria: Awards are based on several factors including but not limited to the following: interest and commitment to a grain and feed related career, scholastic achievement, and the overall content of the application (spelling and grammar will be elements taken into consideration).

Applications are due on March 3, 2025.

Questions? Call the CGFA office at (916) 441-2272.

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