The California Grain and Feed Association Political Action Committee (CGFA PAC) is a voluntary political action committee committed to improving and protecting the grain and feed industries in California. Banding together as an industry, we make a united effort to obtain better government through education and political action.

Annual contributors shall be members of CGFA PAC upon receipt of their membership application and contribution form and approval of the Executive Committee. Return your Membership Application and Contribution Form, along with your payment, to CGFA PAC, 1521 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. If you have any questions, please call CGFA at (916) 441-2272.

The CGFA PAC serves the following purposes:

  • To promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating members of the industry, and others, to take a more active and effective part in state and local governmental affairs.
  • To encourage members of the grain and feed industry, and others, to understand the nature and actions of their government.
  • To assist members of the industry, and others, to organize themselves for more effective political action, and for carrying our their other civic responsibilities.
  • To finance political efforts supporting California legislative and constitutional officeholders, candidates (but not Federal officeholders, candidates or committees) that benefit the public by improving and protecting California Agribusiness.

Why Join the CGFA PAC?

There is an urgent need to establish and maintain our industry as a strong, concerned and active political force. When you join CGFA PAC, you help assure your industry’s involvement in the decision-making process. The quality and nature of laws, rules and regulations affecting your business and your pocketbook are determined by elected officials. Your contribution through CGFA PAC membership, when combined with many others, can affect who is elected – who will write the laws.

CGFA PAC will financially assist candidates who demonstrate a realistic approach to solving the problems of our industry and its related businesses.

There is strength in numbers. A contribution from CGFA PAC speaks for our industry. Elected officials seldom overlook a large, well-informed constituency.

Who Administers the CGFA PAC?

A 5-member Executive Committee, consisting of industry representatives, has supervision of and control over the activities and funds of CGFA PAC.

How Are CGFA Pac Funds Used?

Contributions received by CGFA PAC are used for support of candidates, political information and education services, and operational expenses of the committee.

Who May Contribute to the CGFA PAC?

Individuals, partnerships, and corporations may contribute since CGFA PAC is a political committee registered with the State of California.

Are Contributions Tax Deductible?

Contributions to CGFA PAC are not tax deductible.

Must I Report Contributions to the CGFA Pac?

Dues and contributions to the CGFA PAC are reported by CGFA PAC as required by the Political Reform Act of 1974, as amended. No report need be filed by any CGFA PAC contributor unless the total contributions to all state and/or local candidates, ballot measures and/or political action committees in California is $10,000 or more (unless the contributor is otherwise qualified as a committee under the Political Reform Act of 1974, as amended). This is not a request for a contribution in excess of $500.

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