Membership Services

CGFA offers numerous valuable services to members.  (Benefits of Belonging & Accomplishments)

CGFA Careers Center

CGFA created the CGFA Careers Center as an on-line resource to help our members find talented employees and for college students and alumni to learn about careers and find jobs or internships in the grain and feed industry. Registered members can:

  • Submit resumes
  • Share career fairs
  • Post job openings
  • Learn more about careers in this exciting and rewarding field.

California grain and feed companies are always looking for talented and committed employees from a variety of backgrounds. You don’t have to be a farmer or a rancher. Great careers are available from many disciplines including: engineering, operations, sales, marketing, food science, nutrition, business, economics, research, and environmental protection.

Environmental/Safety Consulting

(for general info, contact Chris Zanobini at (916) 441-2272)

To download the Quick Reference Safety Standard Guide for the California Grain, Feed, and Rice Handling Industries, click here. 

Pesticide Registration

For specific info, contact Chris Zanobini at (916) 441-2272.

UCC Searches

For specific info, contact CGFA at (916) 441-2272.


InterWest Insurance Services offers the following insurance services to CGFA members:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Property Liability
  • Employee Benefits: Health & Dental
  • Boiler & Machinery
  • Life, Disability, Accidental
  • Death/Dismemberment
  • Home & Auto Bonds

InterWest Insurance Services - contact Mike Taylor, CPCU (Lic. # 0B01094)
Toll Free: (800) 464-0077
Direct Dial: (925) 977-4104
Fax: (925) 932-9311
Mobile: (510) 206-5505

InterWest Insurance Services / Employee Benefits – contact Jim Bulotti, Jr. (Lic. # 0829513)
Direct Dial: (916) 609-8436

Benefits Done Right, Inc. / Health, Medical, and Dental, contact Laurie Rood (Lic. # 0796401)
Direct Dial: (916) 568-2345